From the School Nurse: Fifth Disease

Fifth Disease is a viral infection that occurs most often in elementary school-age children.

Symptoms usually appear 1-2 weeks after exposure.

Common Signs and Symptoms:

* Low grade fever and tiredness.
* Appearance of a lacy rash on the cheeks which gives a "slapped face" appearance.
   - Rash may extend to the rest of the body appearing and disappearing in response to environmental changes (e.g., sunlight)
   - Rash may be "itchy".
*Some children have no symptoms at all.

Fifths disease appears to be contagious during the week prior to the appearance of the rash.  It is not necessary to exclude students once the rash has appeared.

NOTE:  Pregnant women and those with chronic red blood cell disorders (e.g., Sickle Cell disease) should contact their healthcare provider if exposed to Fifth disease).