Chick Hatching

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Hatching Project 2017 was a great success!  Here are some stats for this year:

6 Barnyard Cackle Shows at the elementary buildings.
168 videoconferences to 27 schools and 59 classrooms throughout NYS in a 28 day period.
All Mannsville and Wilson Pre-K through 5th grade attended 3 lessons on egg parts, life cycle, feathers, nests, etc.
1,000 marshmallow peeps "hatched" during lunch on hatching days.
17 chicken riddles were read during AM announcements.
130 visitors visited on hatching day from 3 schools.
1,000 chick crafts were made (1,000 eggs were cut plus, 2,000 black eyes, 1,000 orange beaks and 2,000 orange feet were cut.
2 Family Hatching Nights with about 400 visitors.
2 Reader's Theater plays (4th grade at Wilson, 5th grade at Mannsville)
1 Dozen dyed eggs for "egg-speriments" - eggshell porosity
1 Dozen soaked eggs for "eggs with no shells"
Hatchlings @ Mannsville:  23 Chicks, 4 Ducklings, 5 Quail, 1 Turkey and 1 Peacock

Barnyard Cackle Review visited both elementary buildings on April 27.  We had an Ag in the Classroom lesson and some songs, dancing and fun!  What a wonderful way to kickoff the program.
Barnyard Cackle Review

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