Chick Hatching

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Here are some facts about Hatching Project 2016 since lessons began on May 2, 2016:

*175 videoconference connections via Cisco
    including 27 schools and 55 classrooms throughout NYS.
*All Mannsville and Wilson classrooms Pre-K through 5th grade attended lessons.
   Including one 8th grade from Indian River and 4 Special Education Classrooms.
*1,000 marshmallow peeps "hatched" during lunch on hatching days.
*14 books were donated by Mannsville and Wilson Libraries for the coloring contest.
*4 beautiful crotcheted hats for lessons.
*17 chicken riddles were read during AM announcements.
*88 visitors attended on hatching day from 3 schools.
*1,000 chick crafts were made (2,000 black eyes and 1,000 orange beaks were cut)
*1,000 students decorating sidewalks with "egg" sidewalk chalk.
*2 Family Hatching Nights with about 400 visitors.
*2 Reader's Theater Plays
*400 Happy Hatching Day gifts in staff mailboxes.
*Reading Goals met at both elementary Libraries - so 1 author will visit June 14th.
*1 Dozen eggs dyed for "egg-speriment" - eggshell porosity
*1 Dozen eggs soaked in vinegar for "eggs with no shells"
*Hatchlings:  3 Guinea Hens, 2 Geese, 12 Quail, 14 Ducks, 40 Chicks, 1 Peacock and 0 turkeys.

Thank you to the following:

*Mannsville and Wilson PTO - generous gift of craft supplies.
*Tops Friendly Markets - towels for incubator and batteries for Egg Buddy and ziplocks for hatching day treats.
*Tractor Supply - 2 Bags Pine Chips and 2 Bags Chick Starter and discounts on all other supplies (heat lamps, candlers, waterers, etc.)
*Target - 3 Pools for Hatchlings
*Wilson Student Council - Game for Hatching Day and Life Cycle Demo Board
*Laurel & Travis Sprague - Chick Books from Scholastic and Materials made for lessons and ordering eggs.
*Mrs. Voss and Mr. Hodges for donation of fertile eggs.
*Mannsville and Wilson Libraries - Books for Coloring Contest
*Amy Washburn, Wilson - Beautiful Handmade Hats for Lessons & cutting craft supplies
*Mrs. Randall's Class and Mrs. Laflesh's Class for being class mentors for our visitors.
*Mannsville Library Staff - for being Mother Hens
*Beth Vincent - Wilson Library - for helping set up hatching day and organizing volunteers.
*Mr. Elliott - for turning eggs on weekends.
*Mrs. Lasell - making hatching day treat bags, cutting craft supplies
*Cheryl Petrie - making copies for activities/coloring
*Kathy Barney - printing activity/coloring sheets, cutting craft supplies
*Audrey & Emmaline Voss - donation of eggs and hen and rooster for Hatching Night.
*Phil's Best Button Quail - Eggs
*JM Hatchery - Eggs
*Spring Hill Heritage Poultry - Eggs
*Cross Island Farms - Eggs
*Kelli Grandjean - eggs
*Mrs. Monroe - for re-doing my egg part costume so it looked very nice for Hatching Night
*All the numerous anonymous gifts/donations, etc.
*All Mannsville and Wilson staff for the monetary donations for the purchase of heat lamps, candling pens, heat lamps, thermometers, etc.
*Mannsville & Wilson PTO Members for volunteering for Hatching Days and Nights.
*All other staff who without question, went above and beyond to help (custodians, teaching assistants, student helpers, teachers, administration, etc.)

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