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Character Education

The character trait for February is Cooperation.

-Helping someone get something done.
-Not arguing and doing what you have been asked to do.

Principal's CORNER

April  2018
Spring has arrived! Though to look out my window this morning, you would not know it.  I can tell you that inside it is sunny and warm at Mannsville.

We completed our third quarter of study on Friday.  I have had the pleasure of watching your children grow tremendously since September.  They have learned character.  They have learned how to build and sustain friendships.  They have learned how to read!  They problem solve.  They play.  They smile.  Just imagine what they'll be doing with 10 more weeks to grow.

Please keep a close eye on the school and building calendar during the next three months.  There are many exciting events happening, from field trips to awards ceremonies. 

Grandparents day is May 16th this year, which is always a favorite event.

As always, keep in touch, and let us know what we can do to help to make our school and community the best we can be.


Jeff Ginger